Delivery of the package

Because we are artists and not a multinational company, we will notify you by email about the sending of your package as soon as it will be shipped! Obviously we will make every effort to shorten shipping times and we count on your understanding to accept this principle of operation.

In case of non receipt, it will be easier to send an email to inform us of the problem. We will contact the delivery service to resolve this problem. We will inform you as soon as possible what action to take.

Shipping charges include packaging, handling and postage.
We will do what it can do for group orders and works purchased in the most acceptable conditions.

The shipment will be by Colissimo with acknowledgment. If you are absent, the rules established by the delivery service of your country will be applied independently of our will.

Delivery in France

Delivery in France includes metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco.

List price in Euros(€) and VAT

List price france

International deliveries

International deliveries are divided into different areas:

Area 1        Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Area 2        Great Britain, Italy, Spain
Area 3        Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal
Area 4        Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland
Area 5        Greece, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iceland
Area 6        Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, other countries in Europe and the Maghreb
Area 7        USA, Canada, Africa, Middle East, Other Americas, Asia
Area 8        Oceania

List price in Euros(€) and VAT

International list price